Friday, 12 May 2017

'National identity does not exist'

This is the very wicked opinion of a man who was Tony Blair's Director of Political Operations. It sheds a lot of light on modern politics and why the world is in such a mess.
John McTernan‏ @johnmcternan
Replying to @sundersays
National identity does not exist. All people's descriptions descend into a banal string of commonplaces.

Emmanuel Macron agrees. He said in Lyons in February:
“There is no such thing as French culture” 

This insane point of view is widely held in Germany and especially Sweden for some reason (guilt about the war in both cases?) 

I recall that Swedish historian Ingrid Lomfors, head of a public body called The Living History Forum, gave a speech, arranged by the government in support of unlimited asylum immigration, in which she stated that there is no such thing as a native Swedish culture. The King and Queen were present and everyone applauded, though she was later forced to retract the statement.

The late Hans Rosling, celebrity Swedish statistician was as bad:

“The whole idea that it’s a place we belong to – that place is so important, that the nation is so important – is a dangerous concept....It makes people think that the sheer luck of the place where they happen to exist mavkes them different as human beings. We don’t live in Sweden. Time is our home."

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