Saturday, 15 July 2017

Michael Deacon sees that Theresa May is really, really not cut out to be PM

An incisive sketch by Michael Deacon in the Telegraph kills Theresa May with kindness.
"Those few words tell us such a lot. She said she didn’t watch the exit poll because “I have a bit of a superstition about things like that”, but come on. The reason she didn’t watch it, quite nakedly, is that she was frightened. Frightened of failure, of humiliation, of rejection.
He sees that she is too scared to read the press and this is why she gets her husband to do so for her.

"Listening to Mrs May, as she deviated further than she ever has from an aide’s script, I felt for her. It made me like her more, as a person. It made me see her as a decent, well-meaning, sensitive human being.
"It also, though, made me think she really, really isn’t cut out to be Prime Minister."
I'd probably have been hiding behind the sofa after the election results, so I feel for her, but I am not Prime Minister. Michael Deacon is, of course, right.

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  1. I blame the Party Chairman. It was clear years before the Referendum that Cameron would resign if he lost. Understanding this, the Party should have lined up a powerful 'Leave EU' replacement PM to drive the peoples mandate. Instead they were faced with some very poor, last minute choices? The dreadful Leadsom was and still is far to weak to lead. May appears to be 'out of her depth' but hanging in, but is in fact still a Remainer. ( vote loser?) The only person that has impressed me with his, extensive knowledge, charm, superior intellect, manner and bearing is JRM. Who I believe would be an excellent choice as the many influencing 'millennials' would be swayed by someone like him!